Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Why I do hate Berita Harian and Utusan Online?

After almost 10 years i have been following these online news i think it's time for me to say i don't trust many things published on these sites. I have been comparing these websites with some websites in overseas and i find these sites are so narrow minded and they published only things good to them. Who's them? maybe BN a.k.a government.

Why i don't like them:

Locally which means only within Malaysia;

1. Never admit or confess what they have done wrong.

2. All about the GOOD things with BN and never revealed what BN has done mistakenly.

3. It's all about BN is Good, BN is Good and BN is Good!!!!!! (Dr.Jungle says: If BN is that good why the fu** they failed to solve the PTI problems in Malaysia especially in Sabah?)

Dr.Jungle says: The only True things about these news are sports, entertainment and recopies and tips. About politics??? NEVER!!!

1. I am comparing all the news published in CNN and BBC with Utusan and Berita harian. Guess what???? Especially when it comes they are totally wrong!!!!! Utusan and Berita Harian published so much lies about overseas news from overseas.

2. I noticed, the authors translated it literally from CNN or BBC instead of using the correct terms or words to make sure readers can understand better.


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

a compromise i guess.

i hate too

evantou,im a media student.

azrijohan said...


memang dah nampak sangat diorang ni berat sebelah

Beverly ◦● べバリー●◦ said...

I agree with u on this!!!

ghab van hal said...

we have talking this for ages. but they still on perch making lie to us.

vampire's lovex said...

kan,paper malaysia,repot pasal yg baik2 pasal kerajaan je..pro kerajaan..

kalau paper luar negara,at least 50-50..bebas nk tulis pape..tp malaysia yg konon nye negara bebas bersuara,xleh pon sebenar nye nak bebas menulis.


Aemy Shamy said...

I've heard about this too, that's why I stop reading them..I'd prefer to read BBC news..hehe..well,it's government huh..it happens..huhu...

Twilight Man said...

Dei you damn silly to read them cos they belong to BN la.

Idah said...

i agreed with u...long time dah kita tak beli paper ni..sekarang hari2 beli kosmo aje dan sometime beli harakah dan keadilan...hehe

Ayie said...

that is what we call pro-side.. For this period, Utusan and B.Harian need to be on side of gov as they are belong to gov itself..

Just like both of these paper, Harakah and MalaysiaKini also has a pro-side, where they be on side of opposite opponent.. Im sure, if gov change, the same thing gonna happen..

For right now, Utusan and B.Harian being ''media perdana''.. if gov change where the opposite opponent lead the country, these those paper (utusan and B.Harian) will be replace by Harakah and MalaysiaKini where they will be the ''media perdana'' of the nation.. Same thing, for sure they will announce the good thing only about gov..

it is better to read news from outside who we know doesn't apply ''double-standard'' news.. I prefer Reuters..

-An opinion is a subjective issue-

saljihitam said...

kaki kipas..

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