Saturday, 23 July 2011

Today i am a chef for my niece's engagement day

My niece who has just finished her study last month is having a big day today which is her engagement day. Therefore i will be busy today doing the cooking in the kitchen. I am not an expert cooker but i started cooking when i was 9 or maybe 10 years old (masak telur and meggie LOL!). Got to go bloggers fellow...sorry i can't do blogwalking today......bubye :-)

My menus that i have planned..
asam pedas, asam manis, masak sos tomato, masa sos cili, masak kicap, rendang, masak kenthucky, masak sos tiram.....mmmmmmm it should be delicious :-)

Her engagement day about 150 people will be attending...OMG!!!!! i find it a lot for an engagement day.


Dzarief Zuhdi said...

wah.. cooking for 150 people.. must be a pro chef huh..haha..:D

gud luck

Lelaki Ini said...

i like asam pedas!

rasta said...

visit here...nice blog duth.....
have a nice daay....

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