Friday, 1 July 2011

Memory makes me cry

Last year when i went to Bath and this little teddy bear is still with me

Memory memory memory!! that's all about me today. I remember when was a little i didn't get the things i fancied. Because my family couldn't afford it. My parents spent most of their time just doing the peddy fields and i don't know who did they managed to get some money brought us up. I used to walk in the jungle went to school with no pocket money. The other students used to laugh at me. My book which i have just bought been stolen my other students and they put it in the toilet bowl. It made me cry because i took a week to save some money just because i wanted to buy the book. I bought it in the morning and hours later i find it was in the toilet torn by the other students. It was really sad and somehow i don't kow how did i managed to do and achieved what i wanted in my life. But God told me the secret of success are strive + determination + disciplines. From my SPM i managed to do my diploma and i was the only guy who successfully completed the course on time in my batch. Then i did my Bachelor and i was one of the best male students. Then i have just recently completed my master with first class and now doing my PhD (I hope).


sukasuki said...

what a sad story but ending with something that can be learnt..

mizzkechique said...

belajar dari kesusahan adalah lebih baik dan akan tau menghargai kesenangan yang diperoleh.. =)

Nizam Ijam said...

best entry :)

Dayana AZ said...

wow :) good luck on doing ur phd !

gadisBunga said...

hey, you are a big successful man today.

learn from the past, don't look back but never forget.

as long as you remember your root, you will gain respect from other people.

it is the past that makes what you are today, ok. :)

Cik Humaira.. said...

hi i been here to follow n support u..
thnks for visit my blog..:)

belogkiter said...

Inspiring....Love this entry.

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