Monday, 11 July 2011

I Ramas Buah Dada Britney Spears and I liked it

Everybody know her
Oppsss..this is very lucah LOL!

Beyonce - Did i spell it correctly?

The blone girl..LOL!

Oppssssss...aku teramas buah dada nya LOL!

Perghhhh.......what a topic eh??? LOL!!!! In London madame tussauds is very popular and to enter this place is bloody difficult because so many visitors every day. They do have it in Thailand tho but not in Malaysia. They are all fake of course but they look exactly the same with the real ones. So if you want to see you favorite actors or actress in flesh you just need to visit madame tussauds and everything look so real. So many waxed actors and actress there and also all the well known people in the world such as Barack Obama, Hitler, etc. Such a pity because Malaysia does not have this kind of tourist attraction. Go to Bangkok and you will know what i mean. Those pictures were taken last summer (maybe end of summer or early autumn) with my niece and her friends who came here for 10 days vocation. We had so much fun and it was really good for them as they enjoyed it so much.


chegu carol said...

In Hong Kong pun ada wax museum. And I think that's the closest to KK for us to meet the 'celebrities' lah :)

ashraf said...

nak jugak ramas tetek britney :P

ZWAN SABRI said...

Aiseyh, bestnye main pegang2.. Tapi sumpah gambaq first n gambaq yang pegang britney peasr punya tu nampak real.. x nampak macam patung.. HAHA

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dyg (-_-) said...

hahahha entry lucah nih.,
ngan patung pn mcm real pl.,

kura said...

haha. teramas pula ye. amboi..

belogkiter said...

lelaki punya patung ada tak ;)

Unknown said... gile! gua nk pergi lah! ape rasa? keras ke lembut tetek diorang? hahahaha

bila blog bercerita said...

hahahahah...sangat naughty yeee~~

p/s : follow u back~~

Enniebelle said...

HK is the nearest.. I had the chance of cavorting with Bruce Lee :P

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