Monday, 18 July 2011

My journey from London to KL then to KK

Dinner when i was on board

Sedap because i was hungry LOLZ!

Just a little summary for what happened in my journey from London to KL. I arrived at Stansted airport about 1 PM (very early) and my flight departed from London at 5.25PM. I had to stay few hours before I checked in for my flight. I felt waiting few hours was a very long time for me. I had my sandwiches I made before I left my friend's house. The lucky thing was I was one of the few people who managed to check in early just after the counters opened. Thanks God! Otherwise I had to be on the queue for another hour. My luggage was overweighted and and I had to pay 20 pounds for the 2kgs. From LCCT to Sabah I had to pay another RM60 (RM30 per kg), it was bloody expensive honestly!!!! It was RM10 per kg but now they charge even more. Sometimes I hate Airasia but I had no choice because I have considered everything and total cost Airasia was cheaper.

Then an hour before the plane departed, I went through the security checked and I had to leave all my gel and cream things such as hair gel, tooth paste and sun protector cream (I do not need this but just in case if I went to the beach which I have planned).

The flight departed exactly at 5.25 PM from Stansted leaving England. I remembered when the plane was on France it was a bit shaky and also when we were on India. It was frightening but thanks God everything went smooth. I had two meals which were Chicken rice and also Bariyani Rice. They were nice but not excellent. Then we landed at LCCT about 1 PM (25 minutes early). In KL I had to stay for another 5 hours. It was so boring and I wish I took the 5.30PM flight because the 6.30PM flight was delayed. was so frustrating!!!! We landed KK at 9.30 PM and I was exhausted. Arghhh!!!! It was so tiring and I bet probably the longest journey I had in my life so far. It was about 24 hours journey...and I was so tired. My family was waiting me already that time and they were so happy as I was.


Shehan Ismail said...

welcome back to malaysia.. ;p

Suhazli said...

bestnye!!lain kali nak balik london bawak la hez pergi same ya?haha

Miecyber said...

Welcome back...:D

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