Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summer Snowdon Mountain in England

Long route really
Beautiful lake with blue water
Really love this mountain
Isn't it beautiful?
Summer is the best time to visit UK or maybe many could countries but never in winter. I mean winter gonna be terrible because it's gonna be too cold. UNLESS you are kind of homely person. A guy like me i like outdoor activities and i like to go out and do sport. Despite of my very busy daily life (on holiday at the moment), i think i always try to find my time to climb a mountain. Last summer (and it's summer again in the UK at the moment), i managed to climb Snowdon mountain which is the highest mountain the England. I must say that this mountain has spectacular view from the top and you can see the valley as well. Probably this mountain is one of my favorite mountains that i ever climbed so far.

But one thing i'm not so keen is too many climbers. But that day it wasn't that many well..actually there were at least 100 climbers that time. Still many!!!! LOL!


Makcik Penyebok said...

such a breathtaking view :)

ashraf said...

wow, never been to uk before :) nice view

~~@lyci@~~ said...

follow u too.. thanks ;)

wow, nice view..

deqlis said...

wow..! nice entry..nice photo

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