Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happy engagement day to my beloved niece

Noo...not her...she's next :-)
This one who got engaged
A lovely kissed from her fiance

It has been a very busy weekend for my family because last saturday my niece was engaged with her bf (well it's already her fiance). From tuaran i had to drive to Beaufort for her engagement day. It took about 3 hours drive even though it wasn't a peak time but the road was packed with cars..i mean congested. I don't know why but i guess too many cars were going to Beaufort that time. In fact, almost along the way we were stuck. Oh no!!! it was a terrible journey but the ceremony was really good and went smoothly. After the ceremony we went to a funfair on town and we won 70 canes of cokes..LOL!!!!

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