Friday, 29 July 2011

Pictures of kerbau LOL!

Here i was testing my 18-200 tamron lens LOL! I don't know what to shot. At last i decided to take pictures of buffaloes. I had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach where the buffaloes were that time. It wasn't that far but the good thing was you can take good pictures of them. There were about 15 buffaloes that time but more were coming when i was taking pictures. It was really good. I now realised that 18-200 mm tamron lens are suitable taking animal pictures for long distance. I bet it would be better if i had the tripod. Ohhh!!! I wish i had once. Nevermind i will buy it slowly. I had replied an email from Canon asking them to repair my 18-55mm lens with the price of RM157..huh!!! Now i am thinking to buy a wide lens for a wedding ceremony. Wow!!!! Would love to have one! Gezzz


belogkiter said...

kerbau tak cukup makan? kurus je

Anum said...

many in my hometown

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Kerabau sabah hehe.

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