Sunday, 10 July 2011

Climbing Aran ffawddwy Mountain, Wales UK

A memorial stone to caption (i dont remember his name) who dead in the early 19-ish

Honestly it was tiring..because i was put on weight this time i guess

Still a beautiful place and worth for a visit

The small stream or maybe river...

On top of the mountain

Weather wasn't too bright

Love this pic..fantastic view

Dark and chubby...this was last year..much slimmer now and fairer LOL!

This mountain reminds me about the ultimate tiredness. Yup!!! well i don't blame the mountain itself but i blame myself for being so lazy that time and ate too much which caused i put on weight. Oh no!!! It was horrible experience because i thought i was fainted and i thought it was so difficult to climb this mountain. For years my experience in climbing mountain i never really felt very tired as when i was climbing this mountain. I think this mountain almost killed me. I remember at one point i couldn't breath properly. I mean i was very tired and felt like i'm gonna collapse on the path. If i'm not mistaken i went to nude beach few days before i climbed this mountain. Had so much fun in nude beach though. That's why on the pictures i look so dark. LOL!!!

Since this experience i started to do more exercise and watching my calories intake every day for a better health and better stamina. It was horrible climbing a mountain if you had low stamina because it just ruin your journey and you won't enjoy the climbing.

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A.D. said...

the view & mountain looks awesome!

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