Thursday, 7 July 2011

Climbing Ben Nevis Mountain, Scotland

This is the summit

Don't fall down lol

It looks beautiful and there's still snow on it even though it's summer already

On the way climbing

It's a long route

View from the hotel

Last week a friend of mine went to Scotland to climb Ben Nevis mountain which is the highest mountain in the UK. He did invite me to go with him but i was a bit busy for a good bye party for a friend of mine who will be leaving UK soon. So i can't make it. So he climbed the mountain on his own or maybe with his other friends. He drove from London to Scotland which took about 8 hours driving. Huh!!! It's actually very tiring because i remembered i drove the car last year and it was quite tiring driving 8 hours. Anyway, last Spring i just managed to stand in front of this Ben Nevis mountain but didn't climb it as we climbed the other mountain called Ben Lawyer. When he was climbing the mountain, from time to time i sent me few pictures via his iPhone to my email (i don't have iPhone or blackberry LOL!).

Looking at all these pictures make me feel like "I WANT TO CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN BADLY". According to my friend we will be climbing Ben Nevis this coming weekend and i just cannot wait for it.


Edy Zaidi said...

great view

atty's said...

nice blog .

gadisbunga said...

be sure to update your climbing progress ya. :)

@in said...

u must have iphone or blackberry tau coz u can update from anywhere you go ..u very love travel right...

thanks ya coz follow me, n i already follow ur blog.

my blog :

Mr. Stevie said...


I enjoyed reading your entry and the lovely pictures which accompanied it. Keep up the good job ya :)


belogkiter said...

Me? Gunung Kinabali also tak pernah climb.. so sad..

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