Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Good bye to my bedroom in England

My room back in England

All were packed

I should have posted this before I left England but I was very busy I didn't have time to update my blog. All I did was auto publish posts which I typed before. Anyway here was my bedroom in England and there are so many memories here. In this little room, I did my assignments, my projects, I studied here and I made so many things here. So much memory as well as tears. This bedroom is much better than my bedroom I had at UiTM. Well no comparison at all but I must say that I have no regret studied in UiTM. Good bye to this bedroom and it was very sad leaving this it but what can I say? Nothing but good bye and I hope to find a new better bedroom when I come back in September.


Atiqah Wadiah said...

study obersea yep??sronoknyerr ^^

Anonymous said...

so where will you live? have you found a lover?

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