Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ain't they cute???

I forgot the name but they look like lama but not lama

This is very hairy goat

Look at the horns, aren't they strange?

And i never seen black sheep before..

In Britian, every county has its own shows and actually in a year there are so many shows along the year. Well, show is like a "Pameran" in Malaysia but i don't think we have this sort of shows. Maybe we have i bet it wasn't an interesting as what they do here.I think the shows here are more viarity and more fun. Well, of course it's more costly tho but i just think that malaysia should have a little bit different shows not like the typical shows they do every year.
In Britian the shows are ranging from the farm to the modern technology and kids and adults could experience so much things about life and what had happened previously.One of my favourites is animals show because i can see so many animals which i never seen in flesh before. Here are some of the pictures....


i'm ezza haniza said...

very cute :)

Anonymous said...

like the first picture
so cute ~

sue perbs.. said...

cute nye first pic tu

belogkiter said...

soooo cute...

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