Monday, 25 July 2011

Taking a break i'm tired

Since i came to Sabah last week there are so many things are happening. It started with the fu***ng Celcom broadband problem then followed by my camera's lens problem, then got to go to Sabah Medical Cantre. Yesterday i wanted to terminate my celcom brodband but they refused it because i didn't bring the plastic boradband cover and also the resit. I felt like i wanted to slap the account manager because she didn't explain it to me. I was very upset because i have to drive back to KK for about 30 minutes from where i live. Then i have to think about my flight back to London. I need to plan about my Kinabalu mountain trip as well. Oh Gosh!!!! there are so many things....last saturday guess what?? was my niece's engagement day and i have to be her photography and i have to incharge the kitchen as well. Mummy mia!!!!!!! i think i will be naked!!!!! so tiring! so it's time for me to take a break. I went to Jesselton point few days ago with my sister and few pictures were taken.


belogkiter said...

nice... happy holiday

Enniebelle said...

I had such bad run-ins with MAX-shit and cialCOM. I'm now using Digi and so far, it hasn't give me any trouble. YET.

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