Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My bedroom in Sabah

I know it's pink..when i got back mum already put the pink sheet..what can i do?

Well, well, well after saying good bye to my room in England, it's time to say hai to my bedroom in sabah. ha..ha..ha.It has been almost a year since I slept in my bedroom. I missed it so much then the first thing I did when I came home was cleaning up my bedroom as it was so dusty and it was so untidy. I remembered cleaned up my room before I left it last year but I bet my nephews or nieces came in and left it a bit messy. It wasn't very messy but it was just a little bit untidy but I still don't like it. It took me about almost 10 hours to tidy clean up my bedroom. was tiring though but I must say I enjoyed it very much!!!! So here are some pictures of my bedroom in sabah. LOL!!! It's not luxury like some other people because my parents are not come from rich background families. But still be thankful for what I have. Once I finished my study then I will build my own house with my own design...i will make sure my house has a swimming pool yipieeeee!!!!


azam said...


afeb pilah said...


Suhazli said...

welcome back to sabah!! =)

ame elms ! said...

welcome back you . wahhh , nice room . kemas saja . :)

EB said...

We got a same apple.. yeah!

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