Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The most memorable songs in my life with millions of memories

Here I revealed two most memorable songs with full of memories and tears. Well, the person I loved use to say this “Every time i've heard the songs played on the CD you left in the car, it always reminds me about you and I wonder if one you would come back to me”. That's really sad and I always remember the songs. The songs are somebody’s me and hero both my Enrique Iglisias. Mmmm...sometimes I try not to play these songs on my MP3 player or even on my laptop. Sometimes I even wanted to delete them but I just cannot delete the songs because they mean so much to me. I left the CD in the car and left the CD there and the person that I used to love sometimes text me that the songs always brings tears. I still love but maybe it's time to say that I have someone else now.

1. Somebody's

2. Hero

Both by Enrique Iglisias


Anum said...

i also like 2nd song

Unknown said...

I'm avoiding all the songs that remind me of someone taht I ever love and being loved. But now, I accept for whatever the cause and looking for a new song in my life..hehhe..

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