Sunday, 3 July 2011

Beautiful forest in Wales, UK

You can't get a forest like this in Malaysia I bet

Isn't it beautiful?

Last year when i had my forest hiking (12KM) i just about managed take those two pictures. I find the forests in Wales are so beautiful and so peaceful. It doesn't look scary like in Malaysia's forests. In malaysia most of the forests are grown by bushes and everything is like every way. But in the UK, their forests are look after like a garden. They have staffs to look after the forests to make sure it's safe for walkers or hikers. In fact, the awareness of the people here is much better not like the people in Malaysia. I mean, hikers here don't dump their rubbish everyday but they keep in their bag. People in Malaysia don't care about the environment. They litters like shit! Sorry to Malaysian but i am Malaysian too and i must admit so many Malaysians are rubbish shitter.


bonda_tie said...

cantiknya tempat ni. bertuahnya awak dpt tgk live tempat tempat macam ni.

Siti Arfah said...

Salam ziarah,follower ke 583. :). Cantik pmndgn kt gbr tuh .

saiazuan said...

trjaga tul hutan ni.. hope ad la mcm ni kt msia.... :D

cool sabtuday gathering with bloggers

Mat Gebu said...


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