Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Climbing snowy mountain in Scotland

It's so beautiful!!!

The show is getting thicker
That's me on top of the mountain
It's me trying to have a sit

It has been almost three weeks since i had my run and it has been about a month since i climbed the last mountain in Wales. It was Cader Idris mountain ohhh!!!!!!! Now i am in Sabah and the first week was terrible because i stayed at home the whole week. It was a a boring week for me but i needed a rest anyway. Arghhh!!! here are some pictures of me in Scotland again. Yup Scotland again because Scotland has so many mountains and most of them are just stunning!!!! I climbed the mountain last winter and it was very tiring and i remembered my toe bled because of the shoes i wore didn't fit my feet. I had to suffer for it and it was painful especially when i was having my shower. I will post more pictures especially my journey climbing up and down of this mountain. They called it Von Vorlich mountain

1 comment:

Unknown said...

besnya...teringin nk main cmni..never been there..huhu
yes!nice pic ^_^

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