Sunday, 3 July 2011

South London Garden Park

It was a beautiful garden
It was very calm garden park
Having a rest

Where we parked the car

Ah..i love this picture :-) On the tree again

About 6KM in distance i had my walking in the park. It was really nice even though i find some parts of the garden were a bit dump. I mean they didn't look after well. Anyway we took the longest path about 6KM and it was really good and as you can see on the pictures above they look beautiful place. This is a garden/park and they are so natural and really love it.


cik pha said...

nic pic!

Puan Kutu said...

nice pic..:)

inna_risna said...

love the nature..^^

Unknown said...

Good day Bro! Thanks for the visit. I'm really appreciated it.

Syara Mohammad said...

hi there... thanx for following. aww.. you already have a lot of follower here. keen to read more with your blog. :)

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