Friday, 8 July 2011

Climbing Ben Lawyer Mountain, Scotland

Just after the climbed. Opposite the Hotel.
This is the summit

And summit again..brrrrrr...cold

On my way climbing on top of the mountain

Iklan coca cola LOL!!!!!

My hair was frozen

On my way up

Last winter when i was very busy with my Master's thesis i just managed to climb Ben lawyer Mountain in Scotland. Yup! It was freezing cold but when you are climbing, you don't really feel cold but very warm because of the heat of you body.After weeks fighting with programming, at last i agreed to climb this mountain with him. Wow!! I did enjoy it very much though. It was really s great funa nf i really enjoyed it very much. Fuh!!!! What a day!!!! The height of this mountain is a bit lower than Ben Nevis which is the next mountain we gonna climb.It was very cold that time that's why you can see one of the pictures there my hair was frozen. It was very windy as well but I managed to climb the mountain (return) in total about 5 - 6 hours. After the climbing, i was nice having a bath in the hotel.


tia @ Ini Kisah Tia said...

wahhh . bestnyaaaa . sampai rambut pun berais bahhh :)

Rungitom said...

Say, how high is the mountain?

miss khairani said...

so cool..

anymz said...

bestnyaaaaaa.pemandangan dia cantik sungguh..look at your hair yang sedang frozen tu..tegak2.hehe

Mawar Berduri said...

is't snow????

i'm jealoussss!

can u post some snow for me?

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