Saturday, 9 October 2010

Summer holiday - Myrtle Beach for golfers

I have planned my summer holiday for next year and I have been searching for many travel agents and many beaches until I met my friend who just came back from the US last month. Last summer my friend and her family went to United State for their holiday and she said it was one of the most enjoyable holidays ever! I felt a bit jealous because I went back to Malaysia last summer. I asked her more about the holiday and she said they went to a beach called Myrtle Beach. Then I asked her how which travel agent did she used and she gave to me this website .

She said the services were really good and even the price was really reasonable compared to some other travel agents. Her family had a lot of fun on the beach and they have played golf because the agent has golf packages called gold packages Myrtle Beach. This is very good because I love playing golf.

When I got back home, I started on my laptop and browsed and I am going to use this travel agent for my next summer’s holiday in the USA. I strongly recommend this agent for those of you who have the plan to spend their summer on the beach.

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