Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I want to exchange all my RM to Pounds or Euro

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This is seriously a good news...the RM (Malaysian ringgit) is very very strong against to pounds, euro and US dollar. I am thinking to exchange all my ringgits to especially pounds. Yeahhh...about 3/4 years ago they exchange rate against to US, Pounds and Euro was 3.8, 7, 4.8. Then last year they changed to 3.4, 6, 4.5 as the ringgits were strong last year. And now the exchange rate changed to 3.07, 4.88,4.10. Wow...really nice and time to take advantage of those exchange rate ..he..he..he..he..

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SJB said...

Duit UK selalu tinggi bah kan?.

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