Sunday, 12 February 2012

Carrot juice is good to lose weight

Huh just to let you all know that since I'm doing my regular training I have been drinking lots of carrot juice as my food supplement. Well, I do drink lots of plain water but since I am on training I do need to lose weight. My current weight is 65.7KG, 171CM and this is actually an ideal weight for me. But I still want to lose another 5KG to make my weight 60-ish KG. This weight is the ideal weight for long distance or fell runners. Considering my current weight, when I run I do feel a bit heavier. So 60KG would be a suitable weight for me to run up Kinabalu Mountain.

So instead of eating rice every day, I replace my diet with carrot juice with cocktails. So basically, each glass of carrot juice contains 150 kcal and cocktails contains another 300kcl. This means my calories intake for each meal contains 450kcl. Lunch 450kcl + dinner 450kcl = 900 kcal. Don't forget to take breakfast because the early meal is the start of your day. So breakfast would be another 450kcl. All together 1350kcl per day. If i eat extra things in between my meals probably another 350kcl. Grand total 1700kcl per day. This is actually great because I do training running between 10-15KM per day which would burn out up to 1400kcl. Theoretically, I should be able to lose weight at least half a kilo a week.

So if you are looking for great tips on how to lose weight then try carrot juice and cocktails. Try this tip for a week and you will see the difference. Good luck!!

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