Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney houston died at the age of 48

L.A: - Whitney Houston was one of the best world's singers died at the age of 48. Why? I don't know and the rources I've read didn't mentioned about it but would be revealed soon. I guess because of drug abused as yahoo mentioned the same. Her death was announced during last night's Grammy award. Whitney Houston who was popular with some many singles such as where do broken heart go, I will always love you, believe featuring with M.C, and many more.

When i woke up this morning I started up my MacBook and logged into my email, blog and facebook. I was shocked because so many people made entries about Whitney Houston's death. I didn't believe it at the first. In fact I googled the truth and yes she's dead.

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Apple said...

yup. I started like her with the muvi "the bodygard", is it? with kevin costner. that time, Costner was like the god of movies.
fall in love with her voice and most of her songs back then. the one i always remember is the "i will always love you"
Too bad, another legend died. RIP.

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