Friday, 3 February 2012

Nur Juhalisa Rosli @ Lisa_Rosli93

When I logged onto my Facebook the first update I saw was a screen shot of this picture. I then clicked the picture and then…wow..although i am a guy i was very upset for what she said/posted on her twitter. I don't think she deserve to live in Malaysia or even on this earth created by God. She is just another dumb bitch who's trying to get a cheap publicity. Yes she is actually. I was very upset but then as a "Doctor" I then think about investigating the truth of the picture. I used my MacBook Pro photo analyzer and it seems to me the picture is fake! It Seems like someone took a screen shot of her account and replaced the updates with those nasty words. Having said that, I wouldn't say that the picture is not original but it looks like it has been faked. But then you judge it!!


de engineur said...

Flaming sentiment like that is never my cup of coffee, and not those of my growing kids, at least. So, I'll forgive her/him for whatever slip she/he is currently in.

Andrik McVean said...

whether it's true or not it's still show that there are still many malaysians who never been sabah/sarawak lol!

Anonymous said...

:) learn more about MALAYSIA. TQ

ProudToBeSABAHAN said...

Whoever it is, trying so hard to create hatred among Sabahans/Sarawakians and those in Peninsula, please open up your eyes! Look around you and read (yes, please do some research rather than "meroyan" like nobody's business!) more educational stuffs about MALAYSIA, especially Sabah & Sarawak. This trick only works on those who abuse their mind with hatred and enjoy cheap thrills. Sad to see this type of uncivilized people still acting like as if they're greater than others just because they're born and bred in the Peninsula. I'm a Sabahan living in KL for the past 16 years - been through equally bad and good things in KL. If this account was genuine, somehow, somebody needs to do something. Think about it, what happens to the so called 1Malaysia if similar hate-emails/tweet/etc continues?

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