Sunday, 19 February 2012

Resort on the sea in Sabah

I was with my niece

Sister and her daughters

Me..was a fat boy like a pig lol!
Mabul and Kapalai are two different islands which has its own strength in the terms of tourists attraction. I got the chance to visit those islands last year together with my nieces and nephews (also with my sister and her husband). I must say the resort at Kapalai Island was superb!!! Yes it was fantastic although it was a bit pricey. Well, we didn't stay at there but we had a tour around the floating resort. Quite big resort indeed and fantastic scenery as well as its decorations. It reminds me like an Hawaiian island. The most beautiful thing is the resort is built on the sea and as you walking around on the bridge connecting one chalet to another you can see so many different fishes and sizes under the bridge. They were beautiful and colourful. By the end of the resort there was an island build up by the resort. One thing for sure it's a beautiful venue for pre-wedding. Well it looked like the resort has its own theme colours which are green, brown and pink. Believe me, it's a great combination for a resort on a sea.

P/S: I was 72KG in the pictures lol!

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Aqim Razali said...

Kapalai and Mabul Island was really awesome. I have been there last week. Nice :)

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