Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rest from training on Saturday

Today is Saturday and I had such a relaxing day. When I got up this morning I said to myself oh no training? It seemed like my body was ready to go for a run. I got up at 9.30Am. WoW! It was a bit late because I fallen asleep at 2AM last night. I couldn't sleep at all till my eyes were very tired and didn't realise slept with my macbook next to me. When i got up this morning my macbook was playing a song without you by Bruno Mars. It's a beautiful song and I play the song again and again. Love the song very much!

As usual, the first thing I do when I got up is to have a cup of tea, coffee or Milo (hot chocolate). I had my very simple breakfast and started to tidy up the house. It's not that the house was messy but I like to make it even tidier. Maybe I should be a girl's just me a tidy person. Even my bedroom I always make sure it's tidy and everything must be well arranged.

I cooked some vegetables and made two glasses of carrot juice. I love carrot juice, I find it so good compared to drinking coffee or tea. But tea or coffee is almost every morning. I know that drinking tea or coffee too often is not good for our health but I am learning to leave it. Hours later, my sisters, nephews and nieces came from the church. Our lunch was ready!!!

We then talked about the up side down house not far from where I live. It's just in Tamparuli which is not far from Tuaran where we are. Probably would take about 20minutes driving or even less. The last thing we did was fun fair. There is a mini fun fair in town and we decided to go there. I spent RM50 and guess what did I get? NOTHING! Gezzzz....I wish i could get back the money and bought something else.

Before off back home I weigh myself and i am still the same 65.7KG (171CM). I am a bit disappointed because my target is to lose at least half a kilo this week. But start from sunday this week until saturday next week i will try a new formula which is eating fruits cocktails for the whole week and carrot juice. Mmmmmmm...i would love to see the result.

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