Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tun Fuad wetland bukit padang

Happy faces
With my nieces..all are beautiful
Where's the rest?

After last year's x'ms, family decided to do something different! All was planned properly and we did enjoy the moment. Lucikly we just managed to finish everythig at the pool before the rain came. My sister had lots of half price tickets. He bought something (i don't remember what) from a salesmen and been offered about 30 half price tickets. Almost all of the family members came to wetlands t Bukit Padang. It was a good indoor park to spend your weekend. But I didn't join my them to play in the pool but i went for a run. The route was quite long and steep. About 2.11KM per lap! I ran five laps which covered 10.55KM! Quite a good place to run. I been to Tun Fuad park before, I think quite a few times but I never entered the wetland park. So all i can say is, i would recommend this place for your weekend break not just the wetland but even the park is really beautiful.

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