Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fruit cocktails are good tips for loosing weight

Hello readers, here i am back with my tips of loosing weight! Last week I posted about how good carrot juice to replace some of your meals during the day. Today is another juice which is good for you if you want to loose weight. Fruit cocktails are probably one of the best juices for those who are looking for a healthy lifestyle and low calories. Each of the glasses shown above contains about 150Kcl and if you drink hot chocolate it has more calories. I weighed myself last week and I am now 63.8KG compared to last week I was 65.7KG. But remember, the key to do some exercises but I recommend to go for a run. Although I share this tips but if you don't have decline then it won't work. Good luck to those who are loosing weight. I am 63.8KG, 171CM and looking quite slim but my target to go for 60KG or 59KG. Well, let's work on it and good luck to all of you ...

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