Thursday, 9 February 2012

My thesis presentation at the International Conference on e-Learning

One of the professors was asking me a question
My fav pic!
Explaining the historicity element
I love this moment

Holla again folks! From outdoor activities my posting back to the academic side. Last year was probably the busiest year i ever had in my life. After i completed my master's thesis and submitted it, a few days later i got an email from my supervisior telling me that my thesis has been selected and accepted by the Europen e-Learning organiser. Wow!!!! That was really great and I was over the moon. Who's not? Because my work could have the chance to be published at the international wok. I was very happy with that.

For months i was busy prepering for the conference. Everything has to be perfect and every single fact should be well proven otherwise the experts will ask you lots and lots of questions. Huh!!! At the conference, that's the moment of truth!! Because i saw lots of presentations from different countries (even from malaysia UiTM and UKM). It did surprised me because quite many of them didn't have the presentation skills although they were PhD students, professors and a Doctor.

My presentation went really good and I'm glad because I got lots of greetings form the audiance saying well done and congratulations to me. I was very happy and one of the happiest moments in my life. Wow!!!! The room was only for 30 prople but guess what??? About 60 people came to my presentation! I'm glad with what I've done and all i can say is that is the beginning of my career!

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