Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Small mountain but very tough

This is the mountain. It wasn't very high but the path was so damn tough.

All right this is the top

With my 72KG weight I can't believe I can reach the top in less than 5 hours

Back in Sept 2011 my brother in law and I went up to a small mountain deep in a country side of Kota Marudu. I drove up to a twon called Kota Marudu where my sister is and saw this a beautiful mountain with pointed on top. We didn't know where to get contact number of the organisation in charging but managed to find it at last. We paid about RM88 each person. We had to walk up for about 6.7KM and another 6.7KM downhill. So in total we walked more than 13KM. Not to far but considering the difficulty of its path, hell it was a damn shit experience although it was good. It's Tambukung mountain and located in a small village called Marak Parak.

First of all along the path there were so many leaches and every five minutes or ten minutes you will stick on your legs and suck your blood. If you left them for 30 minutes sticking on your legs, after that your legs would covered with blood. Secondly, the path was covered with moss and quite slippery. So you have to be careful because you could slip yourself and fall down. You can't even walk faster. That's the worst!

Thirdly, if you were unlucky you then you would find cobra snake and scorpions and other strange creatures in the jungle. This actually could be quite scary. So basically you have to walk behind the guide and do not leave yourself too far from the guide. Fourthly the path wasn't very clear. The risk to get lost is very high. There were so many different paths and only one path could lead you to the top. It's like a puzzle really!!!

But after all those bad things about this mountain, it was a great experience and we managed to get back just before 2PM. We got our certificates!!!

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Anisa Hang Tuah said...

teringin nakk daki jugak...tp saya semputtt..hewhew

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