Monday, 20 February 2012

Tallest tropical tree in the world

Still under construction the benches they were building

I was 72KG

It's very tall. If i'm not mistaken 88M

Tall and big eh?

First of all I never thought that Sabah has the tallest tropical tree in the world. When I arrived at Tawau Hill park together with my nieces and nephews I saw a sign board "Tallest tropical tree in the world 950M"…I was like what??? really? then I googled about the tree and believe it or not it's the 10th tallest tree in the world wheres the tallest is in Canada and followed by some of them are in America but I don't remember what sort of tree they were. The park is quite large and it has two different mountains which are Magdelina and St.Lucia mountain. I want to climb the mountains. In fact I've made an inquiry about the mountains. To reach Magdelina mountain you need to walk 17KM and to reach St.Lucia mountain you need to walk 15KM. So basically you need to talk 34KM and 30KM return to reach both mountains. It doesn't sound easy it is? Ha..ha…But I personally do like a long walk in the jungle. It's actually lots of fun.

I hope to reach those mountains this year or after this year. It's quite interesting to see how tough it is. Ah by the way the park has so many different attractions such as waterfall, river, a small stream for picnic, camping base, mountains, playground, botanical garden, etc..lots lots more to thing for sure is, it was a beautiful park to visit!!!

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