Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 8: Kinabalu Day trip challange training

All right first of all here is a good news. I just got back from the hospital and I weighed myself. I am 63.8KG wow!!!! This is a great news for me because of the effort I put throughout the week. Yesterday's runs were three different sessions. I modified my training with a little bit different because I am bored with the same routine running 10 or 12 KM in one session. To run this sort of distance (sometimes 15KM and 16KM) it does need a motivation and could be quite boring if you run on your own. So what I did yesterday was to run 4KM per session and after that I will have a rest for 15 minutes - 20 minutes then go for a run again. I repeated this three times which made me covered 12KM all together.

Yesterday was raining and almost the whole day it was so wet! I thought I would miss my training but luckily the rain stopped at 4PM and I quickly took my shoes and put my shirt and short on. It was great because yesterday's 2 hours made me managed to complete 12 KM cross country with going up and down a little hill.

The first session is to run based on your comfortable pace. Followed by trying to complete the second session in less than the first session's time. The third session would be the same by running as fast as you can. So yesterday was a cross country with going up a little hill and down then cross country again. So I completed the first 4KM in 28minutes 13seconds. I had 15 minutes rest after and I went for a run again another 4KM with the same route and completed the second session in 28minutes 40seconds. I was about 30 seconds slower I'm not sure why. I think because I was slower going up the hill. Anyway, the last run was better because i completed the session in 27minutes 46seconds. That was 30 seconds faster than the first one.

I like this sort of training because it gives my body to build up my endurance instead of running 12KM non stop which is harder and you just training on your breathing skills. OK..ok...I'm not an athlete and I'm not sure whether what I'm doing is the correct training or not. But I'm just reading some articles and tips from the internet and try to practice them.

Based on my training and the fact that I've lost a kilo this week, my target is still the same to reach the highest peak in south east asia in less than 2 hours 30 minutes. Today's training??? well it's raining again. I should have gone for a run this morning or afternoon but I was in town. Back at home now and it's raining like the heaven is open fuhhhh!!!

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