Tuesday, 28 February 2012

PhD Conditional offer letter is arrived in Sabah

They did thoroughly checked my proposal eh

Holla guys, I hope all is okay. I am okay but updating this blog with a bit tiredness. Anyway I had only 9.5KM today this morning and was a bit tiring. I finished it in 54 minutes 30 seconds. It was a bit slow because my best record so far is 10.44KM in 54 minutes 36 seconds. This means, I could finish 10KM in 53 minutes-ish roughly. My target is to improve myself so I could finish 10KM in less than 50 minutes. I hope to take about a year or maybe a year and a half to achieve this. In the second year or third year my aim is to finish 10KM in less than 45 minutes and gradually trying to reach 40 minutes.

Anyway, yesterday when sister came from school she told me that I have a letter offer from a university. Then I said okay give it to me and I need it to find further details about my PhD course. On the letter I should start on the 23rd of Sept 2012 but then I managed to persuade my Prof to start it on the 1st of May this year. So it's a great news although it took about a couple of weeks to reach me.

In order to get the unconditional letter of offer I need to make a £2000 non refundable deposit to the university. So i hope my sponsor would be able to do it as soon as possible. I have emailed to my sponsor. After that I do need to apply for my visa then book for my flight ticket. Huh..need to do a few more things.

I need to go to bed now..I am so bloody tired!

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Anonymous said...

Why do you call letter latter?


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