Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bloody unwell with runny nose

Oh bloody virus!!!! Yes a flu virus or shall I say I caught a cold?
Whatever but at the moment I do feel so bloody unwell but at least today is slightly better. Just
a little bit. The last two days I was feeling cold, shivering, throbbing head and my joints were feeling so weak. I almost cannot stand up and was spending most of my time on bed. In fact, mum had to take my lunch and breakfast from downstairs up to my bedroom. Thanks mum! I love you x

I pushed myself to run but it just didn't work. My body was too bloody weak to do running this week. What a virus eh? On Tuesday and Wednesday managed to run 16KM and 17.7KM respectively. On Thursday I pushed myself to run 8KM hardly. It almost didn't work and I was extremely exhausted. Friday which was yesterday, I tried but I was so damn weak and really bad head ace. So I thought I must give a rest to my body. Huh!

Today's weather was great. Yeah!!! was a great day to have a long distance run but I'm still unwell. I'm just slightly better but this doesn't enough for me to have a go. Well, weather wasn't too hot today. It was about 28C or maybe just a bit hotter. Should be the greatest day to have a blast of 15KM or 20KM run. So all what I did today was chit chat with my sister and mum until about 4PM then off to the night market in town.

Huh...pushing myself..I was a bit dizzy on the way but as soon as I arrived at the market I was feeling hungry. Huh I can't resist looking at the delicious food. I then quickly took my wallet and bought a piece of cake. Yeah it was a piece chocolate cake. Hell ate it quickly like I was in hunger for days. LOL! Nothing much actually because I was feeling dizzy and waiting my sister and mum in the car.

Anyway, I hope tmrw gonna be a better day for me with a better health so I could have a run. Nite nite all xxx

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