Thursday, 2 February 2012

White water Rafting

Starting the journey

Can't wait to start!!
Yeah..come on riverbug
That's me standing infront of my folks
Happy faces and excited to take the challange

From the top of Ben Nevis Mountain in Scotland here I am posting my recent outdoor activity with friends, nieces and nephews. Okay, this was in Malangang kiulu. It was a great experience because I never did things like this before except kayaking. I do love kayaking! So my niece has a friend who's organising this sort of activity. We paid about RM50/person! Not too bad considering the 7KM route for about 1hr 30 minutes. Without her friend we would end up paying RM80/person. So we got a great deal of him. What shame was not tough enough compared to my favourite activity climbing mountain. Because the river was calm most of the time. Our guide said, the best time to raft is in a rainy day because the water could be quite rough. I love it so much when it rough. :-)

Next time I would like to try to Padas river in Beaufort. I've been told the route at there is tougher and rougher. that's actually great because for me the aim for most outdoor activities should be hard and tough!

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