Thursday, 16 February 2012

Holiday at Sapi Island a.k.a pulau sapi

Last Sept 2011 my nieces and nephews went to Pulau Sapi for a day trip holiday. Our initial plan was to go to Pulau Manukan but then we were advised by our tourists guide not to go there as the beach was a bit rough and he recommended us to go to Sapi Island. We then quickly changed our plan. The boat took us to the island about 25minutes journey on the boat. It was great to see some of the beautiful islands before we arrived at our destination. The water was sparkling like a crystal. The weather was hot and the beach was so calm. What I liked the most was the sea was warm and made me feel like I was soaking myself in a warm tab. We were lucky because my niece's friend's was there and her friend's father was working at the as a warden park. Guess what??? We used most of the services offered at there freely except the scuba. Wow!!!! that was really good. Unfortunately, my nephew stung by a jellyfish. That was terrible but we managed to put some lemon on his legs quickly. His legs went red-ish but at least it didn't feel sore.

We finished on the island at 8PM. Yes bloody 8PM!!!!! We didn't realise it until the warden park came to us and told us that the park (island) will be closed shortly. It was about 6.30PM then we quickly went to the changing room and had a shower to get ready for the last boat which was 8PM. Comparing this island with Kapalai island,'s like the blue sky above and the ground where i am updating this blog.


kakcik said...

Pulau Sapi lebih cantik dari Pulau Manukan ya? Kakcik baru bercadang hendak ke Pulau Manukan pada April nanti. :)

Cik Rose Cute said...

Happy diaorang pegi Holiday...

Andrik McVean said...

@kakcik: pulau manaukan is good but at the particular time the boat driver suggested to go to pulau sapi...sebab antai di pulau manukan masa tu x jernih

@cik rose - yeahhh happy

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