Sunday, 26 February 2012

A poem: Someone

Here's another poem I wrote weeks after the first one you've read yesterday. I'm not a poet but I do like write a poem when I'm down. It feels like I'm telling people about how I feel but in a different form. So enjoy the poem...

Title: Someone

There was someone,
Someone who used to live in the darkness,
A life that he wish he never had,

It has been many years,
Since he used to live with little lamps,
In a little bamboo house,
The house held thousands of stories about someone,
But he feels it was like yesterday,

Someone used to live with nothing left,
His belongings were burnt out,
He had to work as a stone collector,
To carry out his life through the darkness,

Someone used to work,
From dawn till the sun disappeared,
With little rice in his worn out bag,
For a little money,

His little body was tired,
Slept on the bamboo floor every night,
Woke up before the dawn came.

After woken up by many unexplainable dreams,
Hoping to get another Ringgit in the next day,
Someone was a warrior,
In the battle of his family,
Those who failed will fall,
Those who escaped will live,

His dad always wanted to kill him,
Either with a hatchet or motorbike,
But he was strong and unbeatable,
He never wanted to be defeated,
By the hatchet held by another warrior,
He escaped every single attempt

Someone used to cry,
When he got to know he was different,
He was adopted in the family,
He never knew his real parents,
But he hoped it wasn't true.

Someone used to run deep inside the jungle,
When he was sad and cried under a tree,
He wished the tree could talk to him,
Though he knew it was just a dream,

When the pouring rain came,
Someone used to save his books,
Putting them in a plastic bag,
Because he knew,
The bamboo house was not able to protect his books.

Someone had a dark life,
Darker than when he was walking in the jungle at night,
under the moon light,
He had to go through it,
Though sometimes he lost his way,
But he kept awake and walking,

Because he knew at the end of the jungle,
There was a little bamboos house which will give a shelter to someone.

P/s: This is another poem illustrates about the blog owner

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