Saturday, 4 February 2012

PhD in medical Imaging

Hello to all my little ants again! He..he...

I'm back this morning with this thing which i wanted to tell you all. I have applied for a PhD course at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth! Now i am still waiting for reply from the admission office. I have received an email informing me that they have received my PhD application and now under consideration. I hope to get it as well as the scholarship being offered by the university.

The thing is I applied for my PhD in the field of medical imaging! Fuh!!!! but don't worry because i don't have to be a radiologist to be in this field. I don't have medical background and i don't have knowledge about prostate cancer. The research would be developing a software tool for prostate cancers detection.

When i was in the UK for more than 2 weeks composing my initial PhD proposal here are some of the things i did. 1st, I was busy like crazy squeezing my brain trying to understand many terminologies. 2nd, I was so much in preasure because i didn't understand lots of things. 3rd I was in pieces and trying to combine all those pieces with no guide at all.

But now i guess i am a little bit all right and managed to understand more and more!

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Cik Mizah said...

hehe...good luck 4 ur ph.D
Not all things impossible

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