Monday, 6 February 2012

One Borneo Archery

It's another indoor activity my post today. After Tun Fuad water park the next day we went off to 1B or in KK well known as One Borneo. We had lots of half priced tickets. I think about 10 of us went for archery. It was a great experience because I never played/tried this sort of activity before. I always wanted to try archery but I thought it was too expensive. That time we used all the half priced tickets to played as much as we like. I looked easy to do in the begining. When the instructor showed us how to use the arch, I thought it was bloody easy. I said to my niece, heck..this must be easy because all you need to do is just to pull it and release it.

Then my nieces took their position and started to play. I was surprised because some of them were actually quite good even though they never played it before. Then it was my turn!! From the first arrow I realesed to the last arrow only two of them hit exactly in the middle of the board. Most of the arrows hit outside the board (the target). Later after I finished my hands started shaking and it was a bit hurt especially my shoulder because the arch was actually quite heavy and your hands must be very strong to keep the arch exactly parellel with your target board. Otherwise you would end up hitting outside the target board.

Now I know archery is not that easy because it needs a lot of concetration especially before you release the arrow. A small mistake would cause your arrow hits away from your target.

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Muhammad Mustaqim Razali said...

lawatan rasmi kat sini..ohohohsome
1B so far away from twu..huhuhu

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