Friday, 10 February 2012

My 2012 January Running report

I should have posted this on the 31st of Jan but I forgot to do it. Here is my official training report. From the 1st of Jan to the 31st of Jan 2012 I have ran almost 150KM (it shows in mile on my report) with more than 8000 feet elevation gained and more than 17 hours running. I could have run more but I had 4 days off because I had food poisoning. It was terrible because for 4 days I was on my bed and couldn't do anything. I was so weak and didn't have energy at all.

So for this month (Feb) I try to run 200KM in total and hopefully will improve my stamina and my pace. Or maybe a bit less let say 180KM. I'm just a bit worry about my left heel at the moment because I can feel pain under it. It's not too bad compared to last month but I don't want to put so much stress on it. I need to look after my left heel because when it damaged I could be in trouble. The strangest thing is it occurs only under my left side and not under my right heel.

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