Friday, 17 February 2012

My journey losing weight

First of all here is a good news for me. I am now 63.4KG. Yeah I managed to lose another kilo last week. This means my workout plan does work and it makes me happy of course. I remember last year I was 76KG and looked so chubby although some people thought I look muscular and well build. In fact, when I got back to Sabah sisters and mum said I looked like a well build teen. But I knew I wasn't at my maximum health level because when I run my legs and lungs were not strong enough to keep run not even a kilometre. Because of that I googled the internet what is the best weight to do a long distance run/ fell running. Uncle Google answered 60KG! Gosh I was shocked because I needed to lose so much weight. When I told friends about my desire to lose 16KG to get down to 60KG they were like "WHATTHEFUCK? You would look ill".

But I didn't mind at all. A week later one of my friends suggested to find a personal trainer so I could lose weight properly and quickly. But hell!!!! I didn't because I knew those people who hired a personal trainer to lose weight clearly shows that they have low motivation and most probably would end up get back where they were. So I did an experiment to my body. Basically it's simple because you just need to do a simple math. It has to be like this, calories intake < calories burned!!!!!!

The most difficult thing is to know each meal has how many calories. Because some of them look like a small portion but contains lots of calories. So this is the main concern. So what I do is to look carefully the amount of calories on the label. If it doesn't have label shows the calories then google it and someone generous on the internet would answer your question. Remember, you will never lose weight by taking pills and eat a little without train your body with some sort activities such as aerobic, running, swimming, gym, etc. You have to do an exercise!!! otherwise you are dreaming to lose weight.

Before yesterday's training I weighed myself and was very happy when the digital scale showed up 63.4KG. Gosh!!!!! That's another achievement! Great for me. My target is 60KG which means another 3.4KG to go then I will be look slimmer and healthier. I can't wait to test my performance if i was a 60KG fell runner. Next week I will show two different pictures before training (76KG) and after training (63KG). I'm heading to 60KG!!!

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