Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Holiday at top diving spots in the world

I had the best snorkeling experience

Love it


This is my favorite picture

Well, it's in Sabah. Yeah in Sabah. Maybe some of you still don't know that Sabah has top diving spots in the world. If not Mabul, Kapalai it has to be Sipadan Island. These three islands have spectacular views and I must say breath-taking places to go. If you have an extra money then come to Sabah and spend a night or two at one of these islands (maybe a little bit expensive - but what do you expect for top spots in the world?) and you would not forget the amazing experience.

I must say this probably the best place I ever been if not Paris. Paris is fantastic but this place has its own beauty which you could never find anywhere in the world. Having said that, it's unfair for me not to mention the beauty of the mountains in Scotland but in total this place is still number one!!! I only wish Paris and Scotland are warm places so they will be as good as Sipadan Island. Well it's unfair to compared those three places because the are in three diferent leagues.

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