Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Today's training managed to crawl slowly 15.6KM

I felt quite tired today because I pushed myself to run 15.6km in total in two different sessions. The first session I ran about 12 in the afternoon. When I was running the weather was changing from one minute to another. In fact when I was was climbing up the small hills that I always do I can feel the heat was blowing when the breeze came against me. It was bloody hot and I felt even hotter. Before I started the run the weather looked fine not too hot with a bit of breeze so I thought it was a perfect day to have a run. I completed the first session of 8.3KM in less 75 minutes (four small hills). Yeah it was so bloody slow to be honest but then it was very hot and still recovering from a bad flu of last week. The second session was in the evening I completed 7.3KM in 55 minutes. To be honest still slow actually but considering my current health at the moment it should be okay. The weather was much better and it felt cooler so I ran faster.

Anyway, I felt exhausted because I also did lots of house work today...
Got to go to bed now folks...just a quick update for tonight....

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