Friday, 3 February 2012

Day 5: Kinabalu Day trip challange training

Fuhhhh it was a long day for me today. I got up about 8.30 am from my bed. I was a bit lazy at he beginning to do anything. I went to the upstairs kitchen (we usually use downstairs kitchen) which is next to my bedroom and made a cup of milky coffee to myself. Mum and Dad was downstairs but I went down just for a few minutes to let them know that I'm awake. Mmmm...I took the creamy biscuits and ate them while checking my email and facebook this morning. Nothing interesting at all. Just the same old story.

I then started to tidy up my bedroom and swept the upstairs' floor. Half and hour later I finished it and went downstairs chatting with mum. My sister was busy putting make up on her face getting ready to school. Mmmmm...she then off a few minutes later. I saw the floor was a bit messy. I can see a few marks on it. I then swept the floor and cleaned it up. Moped it with some detergent. After finished I tidied up the kitchen and cooked something for lunch. I didn't realise the time because by the time I finished everything it was about 2.30PM. I then, realised I've missed my afternoon's training. But never mind because it's friday and I should just have something easier compared to what I did yesterday. I took a rest for a couple of hours then off for my run. Initially I just wanted to do just about 4KM run but I was enjoying the new songs I saved on my Mp3 player till I realised was reaching 6KM. Well, I then just continue my running to the 10th KM. was a slow and easy run actually but I did enjoy it very much. If my mp3's player had enough power i would probably run 13KM. I am happy with the distance I did 10.2KM cross country!!!

Well, tomorrow is Saturday and it's my time to get some rest.

For those of you who have just arrived on my page in my previous post I have mentioned that I am currently on my training for Kinabalu Day Climb Challenge. This is not an event organised by any company but this is a challenge for me as a part of my Training for next year's Kinabalu Climbathon. This is for me and my two brothers in law. Three of us will go for it by the end of Feb. Well we have tried the trial challenge up to the 4th kilometer and it took me 1 hour 10 minutes to complete the track. I have another 1 hour 20 minutes with another 4.7KM left ahead and looking at the distance it's almost impossible to reach the top in less than 2 hours 30 minutes. My brother in law took 1 hour 16 minutes which is 6 minutes behind me. So at the moment our initial target is to reach the top in less than 2 hours 30 minutes. Considering our current fitness, most probably it would take 3 hours for us to reach the summit. Or even more! Usual climbers would take 2 days 1 night to climb Kinabalu mountain. Kinabalu Climbathon is the toughest mountain race in the world. Are you tough enough to join the race?

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