Monday, 13 February 2012

First up side down house in Malaysia

The upside down car :-)

Everything was upside down

This is beautiful

Last week I had a chance to see the first "rumah terbalik" or up side down house located in a small town Tamparuli. The house is not far from where I live with my parents. Just about 15 minutes away. This place is becoming very popular since it got on the newspaper about two weeks ago. I have seen something like this before in Europe and the houses are actually much better. But this one I saw last week wasn't too bad. In fact, the strangest thing was all the furniture in the house were upside down except two things which were CCTV and the air con. Outside the house there was a little car parked at the garage and it was also up side down. I find it was so unique.

It was exciting seeing the house because the house is the first in Malaysia. The owner is a couple with a son. The wife is a Dusun from papar (if i'm not mistaken) and the husband is a sabahan chinese. The couple created the house to deliver a message to the public about the environment (i'm still not sure how).

Anyway, it was a great idea doing this unique and create thought. Even though I personally think the purpose is to attract local (and maybe oversea) tourists, but at least it's a good start for Sabahan people to think carefully about how our environment's situation at the moment. I been there only once and that day the place was so busy with lots of people from all over Sabah (or maybe Malaysia) visiting the place. For those of you who's going to Sabah then I would say don't miss the chance to visit this first upside down house in Malaysia.


Apple said...

This is great news. I mean, sumthin good and refreshing coming from sabahan. Good post andrik.

~ariFFin~ said...

it was awesome dude

Aziz Syaidahtul said...

aih... d mana?mau d cari ni...

Andrik McVean said...

this is awesome and it's in tamparuli sabah

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