Friday, 17 February 2012

Kinabalu day trip challange training update

Well my little ants, it has been sometimes since my last update about Kinabalu day trip challenge training. I was busy last week with lots of things which I needed to sort out. My nephew and his wife (and their 4 months old baby girl) came to visit us for about 4 days so I was busy entertaining them. I had to cook them a dinner every night although it was a simple dinner but they did enjoy it very much. In fact, Nanda (nephew's wife) interested to know the recipe one of the dishes I've served them. It was fish cooked with spicy and sour gravy and a little bit of milk to make the fish moister. I also had to drive them around the town and see some interesting places in my town. Not much too see actually, that's why we had to drive up to another town.

Last week wasn't a good week to do a lot of running because it has been raining (the path was quite slippery ) every evening and I can only do my training in the morning. I've tried to run as much KM as possible to reach my target 50KM weekly but at the end I missed 2KM. So I ran only 48KM last week compared to the previous week 52KM. I ran up a few hills to make my raining tougher but somehow it didn't week because few points of the path were quite slippery and I had to walk. In fact I had to be very careful running down of them hill.

Anyway, it was last week. But this week the weather looks promising for me to have a long run. But guess what? Today is my third day feeling unwell and I can't have a long run at all. Yesterday I pushed myself to have a 12KM run but my body was too weak for it. I only managed to run 8KM and had to turn back before I finished. I felt so tired and weak. In fact, my body was shivering after I finished the run. I then had to take a warm shower (well not many people would take a warm shower in Malaysia). I had my dinner and checked my emails. I got a few emails from Aber Uni and some from friends also from my Bro. I replied them all and believe it or not I went to bed quite late about 2AM. I was shivering and felt so damn unwell last night. I should have gone to bed early but for some reasons I couldn't sleep. So I took pain killers so I could stay up without the uncomfortable feeling. So I'm updating my blog today from my bed and it's almost 10PM still on bed. Mum and Dad was downstairs. I went down about a couple of hours ago made myself a cup of coffee. I should have my breakfast earlier, now I'm hungry!

Anyway, on Tuesday I ran 16KM, Wednesday 17.7KM and yesterday only 8KM. I'm not sure how many KMs i could do today.

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