Tuesday, 14 February 2012

PhD Conditional Offer in medical Imaging is received

This week I received a conditional offer from the University of Wales, Aber regarding to my PhD application which I submitted a week ago. Of course it does make me happy but I haven't heard anything about the scholarship. I assume the scholarship and PhD application are two different things. I hope to receive another good news in the coming weeks. I must say they did pretty quick decision about my application. I met Prof.Reyer when I gone back to London last Autumn and he said it won't take long for the department to make a decision.

For the past a few months, I have been doing quite a few reading about medical imaging especially the project that I'm going to do. I hope this new field for me gonna be something that I really enjoy. So far I enjoying reading most of the publications in medical imaging. As a student who comes from software engineering academic background, this new field would not stop me from learning.

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