Thursday, 7 October 2010

The best car maintenance services

Last week my friend in L.A was thinking to take his car to the nearest garage in town which is quite expensive. Then he rang me for a recommendation. Then i said it would be better if he can give a call to Los Angeles auto repair which is not far from his apartment. RepairPal will give him estimations about how much he needs to spend in order to repair his car and of course it depends with the problem. He has a Honda Civic car year 2001 and he needed to repair the head gasket. Repairpal is specialising on this problem and they can do it faster compared to some other garages. Then he asked me how much he needs to pay for the advice and i said it’s FREE. In fact their estimation is fast and accurate. Other than that they will give you a review on your car and advice about what’s best for your car. These types of services are very rare and you only get it from RepairPal.

If you have other problems, you still can go to their garage because they are not only specialised in head gasket but many other things such as tire replacement, oil service, air filter replacement, fuel filter change and many other services. For those who are not in L.A you still can visit them because they have many branches in other states such as New York, San Diego, Chicago, etc. Two days later my friend rang me again and he was so happy with the services and he said he defiantly go back to the garage again. So if you have the same problem like my friend had, I would recommend to you RepairPal is the best car services provider. It’s easy, accurate, unbiased and of course the most important is it’s FREE.

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