Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Last winter's memories

Lovely luton

Lovely snow

Last winter's memories were good and bad. It was my first time came in this cold country and i felt to excited but after lived there for a month i started to feel bored and i need to get out of the house. I made my gym membership as one of the ways to avoid being indoor most of the time. Did try many things to make me happy with the country and perhaps the weather but it just didn't work. So pity actually but i missed my family and of course i missed the hot weather in Malaysia the most. My last 3-4 months winter changed myself from one person to another..omg...i just can't accept it was me. Now it's autumn here in England and i have moved to my new accommodation. It's getting cold here and the weather has been raining lately. I can't go out again and can't do this and that..but indoor. But i am strong now i guess..this coming winter will never ever wipe me off. I must be stronger and i pray to God to give the strength that i need. So many memories I've created in Dunstable which made me laugh, cry, sad, smile, miserable, etc...ohhhhh...but sometimes you will never be a person until you have those "sweet and sour" memories.

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