Friday, 1 October 2010

Moving to a new house

The room

The toilet
The kitchen
The lounge

I used to stay in Dunstable before but thios new term starts i am moving to somewhere nearer so i can have my life with the other students. Well, a very long story why i want to move in hatfield. But i don't really want to think and talk about it anymore. I broke and i've been broken. Man!!! That's life..not as easy as you thought but not as difficult as you guessed. The most important thing is carry on and move on! This new house looks fairly good but not enough furnitures such as tables and chairs. Three of us are renting this house for 1000 pounds a month and it's about RM5000 a month. Hell, in Malaysia you can get a penthouse for this price with at least 5 bedroom and fully furnished. But this is England and hatfield is not far from London anyway. Just about 25 minutes by train. So there you goooo....i'm with my new life and wish me luck for everything. Bye..see u out x


InobonG ProPer said...

uihh...punya cantik rumah kau..dekat kota London lagi tu!

bah...all the best with ur study k

Andrik McVean said...

yes..not far from london city..not bad lah juga bah

SJB said...

Nice house. Kau tinggal satu orang kah?.

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